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Located in semi-urban settlements of Amalsad, Gujarat, the trust proposes a new temple structure bridging the existing temple complex, demanding an architectural statement for the setting, where an existing lake becomes the site for the proposed structure. The connection is devised through an elliptical bridge enabling direct visual contact to the proposed structure, where edges of this elliptical bridge are altered to expedite public and religious activities. These visual connecting lines, metaphorically representing the water ripples, are projected onto the site, further pinched and pulled to form a ribbed shell structure, metaphorically symbolising the mountain ranges. Puncturing the peripheral ribs defines an entrance to the sanctum, a burrowing space in mountains where Lord Shiva dwells. The structure rhythmically elevates itself from the ground in the lake as the wind sways, just like water ripples. The revived lake periphery facilitates leisure activities for locals, at the same time help prosper flora-fauna.

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