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The greenr pavilion was devised to be showcased at a three day expo for a vegan café, the pavilion reflects its ideology of nature being the one that nourishes and shelters. The concept was inspired by that of a tree whose foliage drapes and shelters one beneath. The pavilion is conceived when a point in time is frozen where a regular plane is dropped as we add mass to a decentralized point. The geometry is thus achieved by fragmenting the form into 570 different triangulated pieces, acting as the foliage of a tree. The space around the foliage becomes a space of interaction and exchange of ideas. These triangulated panels are laser cut from recyclable polypropylene sheets. The adjacent panels are attached through staples to ease the dismantling process. The panel intricately weaves to form a fluid drape levitated from the ground, blurring the boundaries between sky and earth. Currently, the pavilion is housed at one of their cafés. The project is in collaboration with the RAD INC,  Delhi.

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