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The tangible space with diverse intangible phenomenon, synchronizing with ways of life defines the 'HOME'. The modern abode with calmness of Zen and continuous flow of energy. The Apartment, which resides three generations of family, draws its inspiration from elements of nature that defines a meditative space. The large living space becomes the focal point of the house flaunting the vaulted terracotta ceiling, adding earthiness to the central zone. The walls are colored in natural organic stucco reducing the volatile organic compound. The design tries to explore material in its natural form with a modern approach. The landscape layer weaves different zones and establishes a visual tropical synergy. The house features modern elements with a touch of Indian traditional arts through furniture, artefacts, wall paints etc., giving it a plush feel at the same time true to its roots. With its public zones flooding with abundance of natural light within the different zones, the apartment is truly an 'EARTH'S CHILD'.

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