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The attacks of 26/11 made a mark of its terror within the hearts of Indian citizens as well as foreign nationals, claiming 166 lives and more than 200 injuries. The Taj peace pavilion pays homage to these brave martyrs and victims. The pavilion portrays strong aesthetics that drapes the entire site giving a significant visual treat to residents of The Taj hotel, tourists, and ferry commuters from the sea. The pavilion aims to recreate the appalling experience for the users by correlating the same with physical spaces, 1.Intrigue (at the entrance) 2. Fear and claustrophobia (amidst the maze of poles) 3. Peace and freedom (central plaza). Apart from being a monument to respect the martyrs of the 26/11 attacks, the design also introduces common open spaces or cores that accommodate public gatherings and activities like meditating and relaxation, etc.

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