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“House of Greys’ is a three bedroom apartment located in Surat city within a gated housing society for a client who relocated from the countryside. The residence was conceptualized as a culmination of the serenity of country life and the client's requirement for affable house. The project is not just a remodel but an approach to designing a modest experience. The house's colour palette is understated and primarily consists of browns, whites, and different hues of grey. The home's furnishings and decor employ neutral colour palettes to maintain a clean appearance. The wall are adorned with lime wash and is further accentuated by using natural textiles such as jute, linen and cotton for bedding, drapery and panelling, which imbues the contemporary house with a hints of traditional charm. The architecture of the house acknowledges and venerates the intrinsic qualities of the materials used in its construction, perpetuating their timeless allure.

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