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The façade proves to be a very important part of any structure. It acts as a protective layer for the structure and simultaneously as the prime element of its aesthetics. It provides the structure an identity and a driving factor for recognition. The concept for the façade evolved from the building itself, where the peripheral beams and columns mark the facade grid for the rectangular blocks. These grids are further subdivided to make it more humanly proportional, along with constructional feasibility. In order to minimize heavy heat gain, these subdivided grids are algorithmically rotated, the angles vary from 0 to 30 degrees upon the impact of annual solar radiation. This allowed façade to have heavy fenestrations blocking the radiation and welcoming indirect natural light. The rotated blocks simultaneously act as natural wind catchers, pressurizing wind to penetrate inside reducing the Air conditioning consumption. The Grid is further randomly subdivided to increase the variation in the facade. The façade is plugged with numerous tree balconies giving it a green drape superimposing the structure. These operations on structural grid give rise to the complex yet functional MATRIX, draping the structure Sustainably, Economically and Aesthetically.

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