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The Weave House is built around the notion of coexisting with nature, allowing for smooth transitions and giving its occupants a tranquil retreat where they may unwind and rejuvenate. Located on the edge of Aamri village, in the vicinity of the Purna River is a weekend getaway called The Weave House. The spatial planning inspired by a traditional house is modernised with design elements and materials to constitute a contemporary home woven into a rural settlement. The design was conceived from two rectangular blocks, allocated for private and public areas, one strategically oriented towards the secluded private garden and the other towards the picturesque orchard, woven together by central courtyard serving as a focal point. To highlight the craftsmanship and remove extraneous layers of cosmetics, each space features wooden furnishings, set against the natural aesthetics of walls defining the house truly as an earth’s child, A harmonious interweave of built and landscape.

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