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‘Vinay Vastralay’ is a multigenerational store that retails ethnic Indian attires. The core inspiration for the outlet was a coalescence of the craftsmanship rooted in vernacular traditions and a subtle renaissance of ethnic-inspired labels. The masterplan follows a horizontal grid that separates the store into three sections, an Ancillary zone, the retail zone and services, each connected by a vestibule. The store has a collective synergy and simultaneously features separate subsections separated by custom wooden partitions for a personalized shopping experience. The central vestibule permits flexible space which can be iterated to host exhibitions, fashion events and sale events to permit pick and choose. The sustainable approach with modest materials like lime plaster on walls, customized reclaimed wood furniture and refurbished elements, employing the local craftsman. Creating a subtle background to highlight the displayed fabrics. The resultant space is adaptive to modern day requirements juxtaposed with handcrafted and ethnic elements.

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