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Located in the outskirts of Bharuch city, Wrapped Volumes caters as a sales pavilion for the developer’s multiple projects. The site lacks specific context but is located adjacent to a road that chops the site into a trapezoidal shape. We utilized the same to transform this progressive movement of the road into an ascending geometry, this was achieved by wrapping up the spaces within the built mass into a continuous façade, As a result, the structure lifts itself from the ground and transforms itself into a dynamic geometry. Some parts of this wrap form a landscape layer, while others have a protective skin, reducing the heat gain from the south where else The northern façade opens up to allow penetration of natural light into the structure. The façade poses a striking ribbed plaster which adds progressive motion to the structure. The office weaves the landscape and structure, engaging an individual to transcend from exterior to interior spaces to experience a sumptuous character of compact interior spaces washed in natural light.

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